Thursday, October 27, 2011

oooh, letterpress on film

autumn greetings! is must be hard to believe after all these months but yes, it's a new post! :) my non-blogging life has been busy with yet another new baby in the mix – my baby girl was born on july 20th and our household now consists of three children under age four. during my blogging hiatus i have still been inspired by letterpress but haven't had the opportunity to write...

i recently came across this little film Trip Print Press & The Making Of FreshSox. i could watch this over and over and over again. i love Nicholas Kennedy's (of Trip Print Press in Toronto) description and remarks about letterpress in this day and age. i too could spend hours and hours in a letterpress studio with its tactile papers, the carefully sorted drawers of metal and wood type, and those impressions on pages...check it out and enjoy!

i also just watched for the 100th time the fabulous film starring egg press called Egg Press Work and Whirl. you must watch this one too if you haven't already.

so happy to be back and will write again soon!

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  1. Such a fascinating machine and process! Glad you're back blogging!!