Tuesday, March 24, 2009

long-time favourites

oops. there was a little blip in the blogging since i started...went to hawaii on a fabulous fun relaxing trip with my parents, two sisters, brother-in-laws, husband and our one-year-old son. didn't see any letterpress in maui but it did cross my mind as i was basking in the sun next to the blue-green ocean on the smooth sandy beaches. :)

my first favourite letterpress cards came from egg press, snow and graham, and caroline gardner. each company has a signature style. egg press is always fun and bold with fresh patterns. snow and graham is perfectly designed with precise lines and shapes. caroline gardner has a lively contemporary style. in the future i'm sure i won't be able to resist posting new products from these designers.

i've received many cards including the *you rule* one pictured here from my husband for our second anniversary.

images: egg press


  1. nice photos jeh-b!!
    those cards are crazy cute! you gotta check out enormous champion, you should do a post on them! i just bought some cards online!

  2. PS you should do a post on your lovely letterpressed gift tags!!