Tuesday, April 14, 2009

all good things

my sister spread the word to me about enormous champion, a husband and wife team with awesome creative talent. i love love their print ALL GOOD THINGS. the colour combination is perfect and the detail of the patterns in the type is amazing. perfectly put together. no wonder they call themselves enormous champion. nice work j + j!

if you're interested in purchasing this print you can indulge at their etsy shop. here's the description about the 8" x 10" print: "This letterpress print is a three color print (and a fourth, clear tint) was used to discreetly print our logo at the center/bottom).There is a man-made paper vellum dust jacket with the words, "wishing you..." printed on it. This dust jacket protects the print, but also makes it perfect for a well wishing card & gift in one."

spotting this letterpress print was definitely a *good thing* for me!


  1. nice sis!!! i'm still waiting for my enormous champion cards to arrive in the mail!! your blog's lookin' good, lookin' good!!

  2. That is so beautiful! I love love your new blog. Thanks for emailing me about it. You can check out my blog, too: jeanieandjewell.blogspot.com