Sunday, April 19, 2009

new favourites

i love discovering new designs in letterpress. i recently wrote about my long-time faves: egg press, snow and graham, and hello lucky but recently i've found some new additions to my faveys list including sweetbeets and the paper nut (which i will post about soon).

my sister and her husband gave my son the adorable sweetbeets card with aquamarine and tangerine cars and trucks for his first birthday in december. i immediately fell in love with sweetbeets' designs and since then have seen their products on blogs, on sites and in local baby shoppes.

sweetbeets' cards, tags and prints are all printed on recycled paper. they are designed by owner and mom-of-two lisa zuraw who was inspired by her young children to "create illustrations that would be a sweet reminder of life's simple pleasures". i agree that her bright, simple designs bring out the child in us. sigh, if only i could just sit and play all day... :)

the images posted here are just a few of my favourite sweetbeets designs. for more check out their website or etsy shop. enjoy and take a moment to be a kid again (even if just for a few seconds)!

images: sweetbeets


  1. Thank you so much for featuring Sweetbeets!! I'm very honored and I love what you wrote.

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  3. go sis go!! woohoo, brody's card, wheeeee! so cute...