Saturday, April 25, 2009

tutti frutti

it's been a crazy rollercoaster week! thought i'd post about this happy fun colourful poster that i discovered by hand & eye letterpress in the u.k.

i love these contemporary times when we can create by digital means and have designs printed with the traditional method of letterpress. however i also adore wood type and old cuts and setting type by hand. it's like listening to vinyl records instead of cds or watching super 8 before blu-ray or taking photographs with film rather than digitally.

hand & eye letterpress' poster is titled "tutti frutti" and reminds me of colourful candy sticks and looks good enough to eat! to create the poster they set the wood type and proofed it with black ink. then they chose yummy colours from their pantone book and separated the type for printing each colour. you can purchase it online at their ebay shop. enjoy!

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