Wednesday, May 13, 2009


this promotional piece is HOT. i discovered this on both design sponge and on graphic designer/blogger kathleen's blog twig & thistle.

this self-promo piece was designed by swink inc. and letterpress printed by studio on fire. swink calls it "let's tell better stories" and it's a direct mail piece to get people thinking about how they market themselves and how they tell their own companies' stories. how awesome would it be to receive this in the mail, set up your own letterpress printed campfire on your desk and sit around it dishing out your stories?? the concept, design and details are genius!

images: studio on fire and swink

p.s. i love print so it's also no wonder that i love this quote: "Print is why we all got in this business in the first place. It's the love of the tactile, committing your brand to ink and paper. It's ideas you can touch."-- swink inc. in madison, wisconsin

p.p.s. sorry about the large scrolling factor in this post. i just couldn't help but post all the great images of this piece. :)

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