Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the scent of letterpress

i haven't been this excited about receiving a package since i was the lucky winner of the sweetbeets monthly samples giveaway in march (thanks lisa!)...i took my own advice and went and purchased two grab bags of egg press cards from their online sample sale a few weeks ago. since shipping to canada is pricey, i had them sent to a shipping depot in point roberts, washington which is a short drive from vancouver. this morning my 16-month-old accompanied his mommy down to pick up her letterpress cards and a couple ppb bags. i was like a kid on christmas morning opening up my box from egg press to see which cards they had sent me. i lucked out with some of my faves without them even knowing. :) also i was thrilled to get the little treat that they threw in -- a little matchbook notepad with a little round tag. so cute. thanks egg press!

on another note, i wanted to ask all you other letterpress fanatics out it just me or does letterpress printed stuff have a distinct scent? the cards i received today just smell like letterpress to me. it's the same smell i've sensed when i've picked up freshly printed card or invitation orders from letterpress studio black stone press. the smell just makes me happy. :) if you've had the same experience please post a comment. or if you think i'm just crazy you're welcome to post a comment too.

pictured above are the contents of my grab bags and little treat! ah, the scent of letterpress.

p.s. you must watch this film produced by egg press to commemorate their 10th anniversary! i love love it.


  1. Yes, I do know what you mean about the freshly letterpressed aroma. Your grab bags look wonderful, and that video is so mesmerizing!

  2. You are lucky! You got lots of great cards!

    I love your blog! I am glad that I discovered your blog. Thank you!

  3. leanne sung!!! you lucky rascal, that "for you" circle thing is sooo kawaii!!!

  4. Congrats! The perfect person to win.

  5. i love egg press! ah yes, and the 'ol drive to pint roberts... we have a post box there too... i hate how shipping to vancouver is so expensive.

  6. thanks for the msgs everyone! and lisa, i'm glad i'm not the only one who noticed the aroma of letterpress! :)