Tuesday, May 26, 2009

put on your smock

in case you haven't noticed :), i have lots of favourite letterpress companies. another new fave of mine is smock paper whose parent company is boxcar press one of the largest letterpress studios in the usa. smock promotes sustainability and prints on a luxury bamboo paper. not only is smock eco-friendly but their designs are fabulous too. i especially like their beautifully-patterned, hand-lined envelopes. smock's designer is amy graham stigler who also co-founded stationery company snow & graham. pictured here are greeting cards with gorgeous hand-lined envelopes, social stationery suites, wedding invitation suites, and party invites.

images: smock paper

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  1. ooooh. love all the pix on your blog, gyozagirl! feels so good to look at them--like going to an eye spa or something. that's what good design does for us, maybe?